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During the cold winter of 2012, we were approached by Witteklip pre-primary schoolfor funding and assistance. The day we arrived at the school, we found the toddlers in a classroom with broken and missing window panes. The wind was howling through the classroom. We had the glass replaced that very same day.
This is and was a very emotional project as we were dealing with very young, small and fragile children. The school had R1800 per month to feed, care and educate 80 children!
We decided on a plan of action and created 2 separate support structures; a feeding scheme and assistance with equipment. Firstly we provided them with proper equipment for the preparation and serving of daily meals. We bought a gas stove, microwave, fridge and freezer for this purpose. We then started and maintain a R3000 per month contribution for groceries.


The next requirement was for educational equipment and aids. Weskaap Motors supplied the school with educational toys to assist with the teaching of basic and daily functionalities. We also added 2 television sets to watch educational programs and material.
The total investment for the equipment was R60 000 and the feeding scheme is ongoing but has cost R65 000 thus far.
It is but a small investment, if one considers the rewarding fact of knowing 80 disadvantaged toddlers can be fed and properly educated and in that way, are given a basic start in life.


The area in which Witteklip pre-primary school is situated, is notorious for its crime and the teachers therefor have to guard the children diligently. This in itself created a challenge as the children could not go outside to play during breaks.
In 2013 Weskaap Motors addressed the problem by creating a safe and protected enclosed play area. We erected a concrete wall with added electrical fencing and an alarm system to keep criminals at bay and the children safe. We then fitted the playground with swings, slides and ladder frames to stimulate physical development in the young ones.
The investment totalled R47 000, but once again we felt humbled to be a part of such a worthwhile and rewarding project.
As we continue with 2014, we are looking to provide support to other schools on the West Coast, as we strongly believe in being engaged in the community that has loyally supported us over many years.


Since 2010 Weskaap Motors has invested R538 000 in social development on the West Coast and we are proud to be a part of Childlife so that we can help ‘save the children’.


We buy cars for CASH! Get in touch and let us help you !

We buy cars for CASH! Get in touch and let us help you !