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After the success achieved at Karitas, we decided to look for another Childlife project in 2011. We published an invitation to schools to approach us for help and received an invitation from Steenberg’s Cove to pay them a visit. The school is housed in an old nunnery that was built in the early 1900’s and situated in St Helena Bay.


The buildings were very dilapidated. The wooden floors were cracked and had holes , allowing dust and wind into the classrooms.


The school had a pending application to government for installation of computerised training boards but this was deemed impossible due to the dust problem. Furthermore, several health problems amongst pupils and teachers alike were faced due to this. The only solution was to remove rotten flooring, fill the cavities, pour concrete slabs and replace with ceramic tiles.
After considering all the facts, as well as the high cost of such a project, we decided to get involved. During the December holidays (to cause least disruption to school work), the floors were reconstructed and replaced. The entire school was repainted and the project successfully completed.



The total cost was R92 000, but worth every cent. The Department of Education could supply and install the much needed electronic equipment. Pupils could be taught in comfortable, clean classrooms.



In 2012 came a new challenge for Steenberg’s Cove.

The school had no assembly area and had to gather in the open. The learners were exposed to all weather conditions. Apart from the obvious health implications, when you consider the harsh West Coast winter- and summer weather, it created difficulties with motivating end informing the school learners as a collective.
It was decided that Weskaap Motors would fund the construction of a large roof over a concrete floor area in order to solve this problem.
The total investment at Steenberg’s Cove was R265 000 and now the pupils have a functional gathering area which can be used for a variety of activities.
On top of that they can be proud of their school and know that their classrooms are on par with some of the best in the country.


We buy cars for CASH! Get in touch and let us help you !

We buy cars for CASH! Get in touch and let us help you !