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Planning a road trip – here are 12 top tips to help you get ready!

Weskaap Motors invites you to bring your vehicle for a free ‘holiday-trip-checkup’ at our service centre in Bester Straat, Vredenburg.


In South Africa, the end of the year traditionally means holiday and road trip as schools close and businesses slow down to a halt. It is also that time of the year when road-deaths spike dramatically. According to a Wheels24 article, the top cause of accidents on SA roads are 1- distractions like cellphone use, eating, getting dressed, setting up GPS devices while driving,  2 –  driving while tired, 3 – driving under the influence, and 4 – speeding. So, whether it’s visiting granny on the farm or going somewhere you’ve never been before it’s essential to ensure your vehicle is in top condition and you know how to and where to ask for help if you have been involved in an accident.

Here are some important things to take care of when you get your vehicle ready for a road trip. You can either do this yourself or simply book a free holiday-check at our friendly service department so you can focus on packing all the essential items you may need for your trip.

  1. Do a wheel inspection,
  2. Check the technical fluids,
  3. Check the underbody and car engine compartment,
  4. Brake inspection,
  5. Check the air-conditioner,
  6. Replace the air filter,
  7. Replace the windscreen,
  8. Replace the wiper blades,
  9. Clean and adjust headlights / replace bulbs,
  10. Replace the spark plugs,
  11. Check the timing belt,
  12. Ensure bolts and nuts are tightened.

You can book your free vehicle inspection service by clicking this link.