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Mitsubishi SA teams up with ‘the 4×4 guy’

Mitsubishi SA announced 4×4 enthusiast and radio veteran Francois Rossouw as its latest brand ambassador. Rossouw is a legendary 4×4 adventurer with over two-million kilometres driven in off-road vehicles. He has been involved in off-road activities since 1975 and travelled extensively throughout Africa.

Mitsubishi South Africa has teamed up with 4×4 specialist and well-known radio journalist Francois Rossouw. Known as “die 4×4 ou”, Rossouw has been in involved in 4×4 activities since 1975 and has covered more close to two-million kilomtres behind the wheel of 4×4 vehicles.

His relationship with the Japanese carmaker began in 1990 when he drove a variety of Colt bakkies over a four year period as part off-road expeditions all over Africa.

“I am happy to be behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi, especially the Pajero Sport. I have driven all versions through the years as I also run my own 4×4 dealership in Alberton, and it is just an amazingly well-designed, safe and reliable off-roader,” Rossouw said.

Mitsubishi SA penned a deal with Rossouw to become their latest brand ambassador and will be driving a Pajero Sport.

“As I have been doing for many years, I add at least one new trip to my arsenal every year. The latest is a 4×4 route in the Songimvelo Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga, which will open in November. The Pajero will be leading the way!”

Nic Campbell, general manger of Mitsubishi SA, said an adventurer with the experience of someone like Francois Rossouw is an obvious choice for the Mitsubishi Pajero.

“Francois chose the Pajero based on his experience with our brand over the decades as well as many of his clients joining him on local excursions. He said the deciding factor was safety and reliability – two outstanding features of the Pajero Sport,” Campbell said.

Rossouw has extensive experience driving in Africa and has accompanied close to 30 000 people on excursions in more than 11 000 vehicles across South Africa, Southern Africa and more countries on the continent.

“I’ll be doing the same with the Pajero, so please come along”, the 4×4 enthusiast said.

Compiled by Sean Parker