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We buy cars for CASH! Get in touch and let us help you !

Junior Golf Academy.

Langebaan Country Estate Junior Golf Academy’s “Grass Roots” school visits program, is an upliftment initiative, which reaches out and encourages 5 to 9 year olds with free mass participation. Hundreds of West Coast youngsters don’t have access to golf due to transportation difficulties, so we must go to them. We have started classes of fifteen in number at four schools already and plan to roll out to all interested primary schools on the West Coast going forward. One of our prime development aims is transformation by introducing youngsters from all walks of life to the fabulous game of golf, to nurture a lifelong love of the game and by recognizing and developing talent to its optimum level, find league players and champions of the future.

LCE will use a variety of tools to help with the acquiring of new skills. They will include traditional golf clubs and balls, soccer balls, frisbees etc. The main tool LCE uses to introduce young kids to golf is a product called SNAG, a user friendly golf set that is specifically designed for the physique and psyche of youngsters between the ages of 5 – 9. It consists of plastic clubs with oversized club heads as well as bigger balls and targets; all designed with a variety of bright colour codes and is endorsed by the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa.

The ABC’s of athleticism-ability, balance, coordination and speed will be taught along with golf specific skills such as the aim, grip, ball position, alignment, posture, swing, putting and chipping. Games, exercises and interesting competitions to make it fun will be introduced. Key “Life Skills” such as self – discipline, etiquette, patience, leadership, manners, honesty, integrity, distinction between right wrong good bad and “don’t litter our planet” will also be high on the agenda.

Other projects through our “Keep the Dream” fund are soup kitchens, the upgrading of the rugby pitch at Langebaan Primary School, sponsorship of the Langebaan Rugby Club and Langebaan Athletics Club.

We thank Weskaap Motors for their help in providing a bespoke vehicle, so easier access and reach to golf can be provided to communities. Weskaap Motors involvement in social development through their Childlife Foundation we admire and look forward to a long partnership going forward.