Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy.

Langebaan Country Estate Junior Golf Academy’s “Grass Roots” school visits program, is an upliftment initiative, which reaches out and encourages 5 to 9 year olds with free mass participation. Hundreds of West Coast youngsters don’t have access to golf due to transportation difficulties, so we must go to them. We have started classes of fifteen in number at four schools already and plan to roll out to all interested primary schools on the West Coast going forward. One of our prime development aims is transformation by introducing youngsters from all walks of life to the fabulous game of golf, to nurture a lifelong love of the game and by recognizing and developing talent to its optimum level, find league players and champions of the future.

LCE will use a variety of tools to help with the acquiring of new skills. They will include traditional golf clubs and balls, soccer balls, frisbees etc. The main tool LCE uses to introduce young kids to golf is a product called SNAG, a user friendly golf set that is specifically designed for the physique and psyche of youngsters between the ages of 5 – 9. It consists of plastic clubs with oversized club heads as well as bigger balls and targets; all designed with a variety of bright colour codes and is endorsed by the Professional Golfers Association of South Africa.

The ABC’s of athleticism-ability, balance, coordination and speed will be taught along with golf specific skills such as the aim, grip, ball position, alignment, posture, swing, putting and chipping. Games, exercises and interesting competitions to make it fun will be introduced. Key “Life Skills” such as self – discipline, etiquette, patience, leadership, manners, honesty, integrity, distinction between right wrong good bad and “don’t litter our planet” will also be high on the agenda.

Other projects through our “Keep the Dream” fund are soup kitchens, the upgrading of the rugby pitch at Langebaan Primary School, sponsorship of the Langebaan Rugby Club and Langebaan Athletics Club.

We thank Weskaap Motors for their help in providing a bespoke vehicle, so easier access and reach to golf can be provided to communities. Weskaap Motors involvement in social development through their Childlife Foundation we admire and look forward to a long partnership going forward.




During the cold winter of 2012, we were approached by Witteklip pre-primary schoolfor funding and assistance. The day we arrived at the school, we found the toddlers in a classroom with broken and missing window panes. The wind was howling through the classroom. We had the glass replaced that very same day.
This is and was a very emotional project as we were dealing with very young, small and fragile children. The school had R1800 per month to feed, care and educate 80 children!
We decided on a plan of action and created 2 separate support structures; a feeding scheme and assistance with equipment. Firstly we provided them with proper equipment for the preparation and serving of daily meals. We bought a gas stove, microwave, fridge and freezer for this purpose. We then started and maintain a R3000 per month contribution for groceries.


The next requirement was for educational equipment and aids. Weskaap Motors supplied the school with educational toys to assist with the teaching of basic and daily functionalities. We also added 2 television sets to watch educational programs and material.
The total investment for the equipment was R60 000 and the feeding scheme is ongoing but has cost R65 000 thus far.
It is but a small investment, if one considers the rewarding fact of knowing 80 disadvantaged toddlers can be fed and properly educated and in that way, are given a basic start in life.


The area in which Witteklip pre-primary school is situated, is notorious for its crime and the teachers therefor have to guard the children diligently. This in itself created a challenge as the children could not go outside to play during breaks.
In 2013 Weskaap Motors addressed the problem by creating a safe and protected enclosed play area. We erected a concrete wall with added electrical fencing and an alarm system to keep criminals at bay and the children safe. We then fitted the playground with swings, slides and ladder frames to stimulate physical development in the young ones.
The investment totalled R47 000, but once again we felt humbled to be a part of such a worthwhile and rewarding project.
As we continue with 2014, we are looking to provide support to other schools on the West Coast, as we strongly believe in being engaged in the community that has loyally supported us over many years.


Since 2010 Weskaap Motors has invested R538 000 in social development on the West Coast and we are proud to be a part of Childlife so that we can help ‘save the children’.


Steenberg’s Cove

Steenberg’s Cove

After the success achieved at Karitas, we decided to look for another Childlife project in 2011. We published an invitation to schools to approach us for help and received an invitation from Steenberg’s Cove to pay them a visit. The school is housed in an old nunnery that was built in the early 1900’s and situated in St Helena Bay.


The buildings were very dilapidated. The wooden floors were cracked and had holes , allowing dust and wind into the classrooms.


The school had a pending application to government for installation of computerised training boards but this was deemed impossible due to the dust problem. Furthermore, several health problems amongst pupils and teachers alike were faced due to this. The only solution was to remove rotten flooring, fill the cavities, pour concrete slabs and replace with ceramic tiles.
After considering all the facts, as well as the high cost of such a project, we decided to get involved. During the December holidays (to cause least disruption to school work), the floors were reconstructed and replaced. The entire school was repainted and the project successfully completed.



The total cost was R92 000, but worth every cent. The Department of Education could supply and install the much needed electronic equipment. Pupils could be taught in comfortable, clean classrooms.



In 2012 came a new challenge for Steenberg’s Cove.

The school had no assembly area and had to gather in the open. The learners were exposed to all weather conditions. Apart from the obvious health implications, when you consider the harsh West Coast winter- and summer weather, it created difficulties with motivating end informing the school learners as a collective.
It was decided that Weskaap Motors would fund the construction of a large roof over a concrete floor area in order to solve this problem.
The total investment at Steenberg’s Cove was R265 000 and now the pupils have a functional gathering area which can be used for a variety of activities.
On top of that they can be proud of their school and know that their classrooms are on par with some of the best in the country.




In 2010 we launched the Childlife initiative and investigated and assessed the needs of our local community. We visited several schools and Karitas then seemed an obvious choice. Karitas not only caters for disadvantaged children but also for those who are physically challenged. There are many children who are immobile and have to be moved, or move by means of wheelchairs and crutches. It creates special challenges for education. Although we found the children to be well nurtured, there still existed a major lack of educational materials and tools.

After careful consideration, it was decided to make a R100 000 investment in educational equipment which included tables, chairs, computers and an overhead electronic system for presentations etc. This investment enabled the teachers to take part in computerised training. The chairs and tables made it possible to better utilize and use the classrooms. Today they can make full use of the latest technology for educational purposes.